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Dr. Christopher Oldrich D.P.M. is no longer practicing in our area.  He has handed his Podiatry practice over to a very talented, personable and well-trained group of podiatrists from within our community, Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists.  It was very important to Dr. Oldrich that his patients continue to receive good quality foot care, and that quality will be upheld by Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists as well as they have additional services at their disposal to improve your foot function.

Certified Foot and Ankle has access to all of Dr Oldrich’s  medical records, so if you were a former patient of his your transition to them should be a smooth one.

Certified Foot and Ankle has an office in Boynton Beach and they are located at 7730 Boynton Beach Blvd. Suite 7, Boynton Beach, FL 33437.  The direct phone number there is 561-369-2199.  In addition to Boynton Beach they have multiple locations in Palm Beach, Broward and Martin County.

We are positive that you are left in good hands and will be happy with the service you receive there.          

Advanced, Comprehensive Conservative and Surgical Treatment of the Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg
Boynton Beach (561) 369-2199
West Palm Beach   (561) 357-9330
Coral Springs   (954) 753-3030
Coconut Creek  (954) 979-0505
Palm City (772) 288-3338
Fort Lauderdale (954) 561-3338


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