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Success Stories

I want to thank Dr. Arra and Dr. Berman for suggesting my one year old visit their chiropractic office. I did not realize how much infants/children benefit from chiropractic care and how quickly they respond to treatment.

We have been battling a long miserable few months of colds, viruses, stuffy and runny nose. Caitlin's immune system was knocked down and medicine was not working.After trying countless antibiotics, antihistamines, nasal sprays and trips to the pediatrician, it was discouraging to find nothing helped Caitlin's continual stuffy and runny nose.We noticed a considerable difference after the first treatment with Dr. Berman. Caitlin's post nasal drip disappeared and with each visit she keeps getting better! Caitlin is now having a more restful sleep at night and happier more joyful days.Thank you doctors and keep up the good work!!!

The McCarthy's

I would like to thank Dr. Arra and Dr. Berman for all of the hard work they have both done for me in the last four months.  In the past, I was unable to bend over and touch my toes.  I had problems with my back, it stiffened up while I stood up straight, walked and sat down.  I could never do anything that would ease the pain except for a heating pad at night.  My right knee had pain when I walked and throbbed when I sat, I thought I was starting to fall apart…My wife visited the office and had work done which made her feel much better.  I never believed in chiropractors and the work that they did and even if it would work on most people I thought it would not work on me.  My wife Lorry convinced me to meet with the doctors and see what they could do.  I made an appointment, was evaluated and started treatment.  Almost from the first day, I felt a little less pain in my back.  As the weeks went on, I began to feel better physically, my back did not tighten up as quickly when I walked, my shoulders were not in a bunch of knots, and my knee was not throbbing.  Four months have gone by and I have relatively NO pain in my lower back, my shoulders are loose as two gooses in golden pond and my knee does not give me any more pain.  One added extra that I did not bank on was that my sinuses are not affecting me as much as they did before.  If I did not know better, I would have thought I was in my 30's again!!!!Thank-you so much for the new lease on life.

Ron M.

I have suffered with severe migraines for the past ten years. Sometimes I would have two a week every week. They were so severe I couldn't go about my daily activities. I was taking medication at an alarming rate. I didn't want to go through life dependent on medicines to get me through.One day I was trying to work during a migraine and one of my customers told me I should see a chiropractor about it. She recommended Dr. Arra and Dr. Berman and then she even came back to my store several days later to see if I had called them for an appointment.I have been coming to this office for about 2 months now. My headaches have decreased in frequency to one headache every two to three weeks, that is a major improvement for me. We've even been able to discover several triggers for the migraines. I have been to numerous doctors over the years for these headaches and this is the first time I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something without giving up anything in my daily life.This office is such a pleasure to come into, everyone here is very friendly and genuinely concerned about my well being. Thank you for giving such wonderful care to your patient.

Cathy B.


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